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Sip of Beer

A sip of beer sparks happiness in men.


After a long day of toiling, there is nothing quite so satisfying than a nice brew. It quenches your thirst, offers sustenance, but most of all, beer also satisfies the brain. And in a recent study done by the University of Indiana’s School of Medicine, it’s true, at least in men anyway: just a sip of beer sparks happiness.

As the study has shown, even the smallest amount of beer, say 15 milliliters, is enough to release dopamine to the brain, causing happiness. "We believe this is the first experiment in humans to show that the taste of an alcoholic drink alone, without any intoxicating effect from the alcohol, can elicit this dopamine activity in the brain’s reward centers," study co-author David A. Kareken, professor of neurology at the IU School of Medicine and the deputy director of the Indiana Alcohol Research Center, said in a statement.

So, the next time you’re at the local brew/pub and you notice your happiness level has escalated, it isn’t the intoxication from that third pint of American Double IPA that causes one’s brain to start feeling happy, but merely the very first sip, and for some, it just takes a whiff of good brew. For this connoisseur however, It may be the mere thought of the bubbly good stuff that gets my brain from zero to happy. Cheers!

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