ABI wants to choke out Craft Beer

ABI wants to choke out Craft Beer


ABI wants to give distributors 50% of the distributor's cost AS LONG AS the distributor's sales volume is 95% ABI products. "Distributors whose sales volumes are 95% made up of AB InBev brands would be eligible to have the brewer cover as much as half of their contractual marketing support for those brands, which includes retail promotion and display costs."

The plan seems to be to choke craft brands to their regional areas and below the realm of wider distribution. This fits with their (ABI's) claim that "The US beer market has never been more competitive, with strong growth from craft brewers, and nothing in this transaction will change that fact." Of course it won't - nearly all craft breweries don't distribute widely, but your "transaction", Mr. Blood (ABI VP of legal and corporate affairs), would set a (brown or green) glass ceiling for craft brewing.

Hey Goose Island, Elysium, 10 Barrel, Golden Road, etc. - this is who you sold out to. I know it's a TON of money but please don't presume to plead innocence. ABI (and M-C) want to own not only the mouths, but the distribution that gets beer TO those mouths.

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