Bud Pushes Beer Fans Even Further Away


Anheuser Busch has been losing marketshare for years now. Just last year we passed the tipping point where more craft beer is sold than Budweiser. And if you take a look at this Super Bowl commercial from last night's game, you'll see a scared group of investors hoping they can convince you, through advertising, that their beer is better.

It's not brewed to be fussed over...
AB Inbev doesn't brew their beer to be fussed over, and in many cases they don't brew their beer to be tasted. But wait, this is the same company that has been receiving flack for owning Goose Island. And let us not forget that 2 weeks ago they also bought Elysian, one of Seattle's most popular craft brewers. So, really, if you do fuss over your beer they'll just buy your favorite brewery.

The people who drink our beer...
As the marketshare for Budweiser slowly contracts, the craft beer movement is rapidly growing. Budweiser claims their beer isn't meant to be dissected, as it pictures a twenty something group of guys sniffing their beers with fresh cut flowers on their table. The thing to remember is that no amount of puppy dogs or Clydesdale horses will make their swill taste any differently. But none of that matters, because, "The people who drink our beer, are the people who like beer brewed the hard way." I find this to be a strange claim, since their breweries are built upon automated systems for just about everything. And when you go buy a car, do you really want the car that was built the hard way?

Let them sip their Pumpkin Peach Ales...
This last jab is one of my favorites. Mocking fruity beers specifically when you invented and then decided to sell Bud Light Lime Strawberita. Fruity flavor aside, remember those two craft breweries AB owns? Yeah, they both produce both Pumpkin and Peach ales. Clearly the ad agency who came up with this commercial had a lot of fun poking fun at the craft beer community. Although, with all the angry posts online since the commercial, I wouldn't expect more Bud to fly off the shelf, possibly less.

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