Enjoy By: Friday the 13th!


Friday the 13th! Here we are again with Stone Brewing’s Enjoy By 9.13.13, how original I know. As long as I can get my hands on a bottle I will continue to drink this beer on its namesake date and review it; it just seems like the right thing to do. These Enjoy By IPA’s are becoming more and more of a hit or miss. The ratio is much more in the favor of a hit but every now and then, it misses. Now don’t get me wrong when it misses it is not like it struck out; but more like it hit a Home Run instead of a Grand Slam, still something worth praising. I do not think this release of Enjoy By was distributed in Southern California, so shout out to my Craft Beer loving buddy, Armando Garcia for picking up this bottle at the Stone Store in Pasadena for me, Cheers! So this beer doesn’t need much of an introduction, because by now, everyone knows what this is. In fact now that I think of it, I think this is one full year that this beer has been released. I may be wrong, but I think the first release of this beer was in September of last year, and after a quick scan at Stone’s Website, yes it was 9.21.12; cheer’s to Anniversaries!

Stone Brewing Co. – Enjoy By IPA 9.13.13

Enjoy By 9.13.13 IPAZe Beer? Enjoy By 9.13.13 Ze Style? Double/Imperial IPA Ze Maker? Stone Brewing Co. Ze Content! 9.4% Serving type: 22oz bottle

Like all it’s predecessors before, this Enjoy By pours a very clean and clear Golden color forming a very solid and frothy head that retains for several minutes beyond the initial pour. As it begins to diminish the lacing is, as always very sticky, love the hops in these. A great pine aroma is present with soft but noticeable tropicals with a nice sappy resiny scent on the back end and through the body of this IPA nice strong florals power through. As one would expect, the hop characteristics in this beer are just awesome! There seems to be a bit more body in this edition of Enjoy By than the previous ones, I like this though, it takes away from that extreme hop bomb and adds more of that Imperial style to the mix of things. As this IPA warms up, it literally becomes easier to drink, much smoother than that typical IPA bite and booziness you get from your typical West Coast IPA. I do feel as if this version of the Enjoy By didn’t hold up quite as well on the level of fresh hop IPA that the previous ones in the past have, but this was still a great IPA as I am sure all the rest of the Enjoy By series will continue to be, just not as good as the others.

Enjoy By IPA’s seemingly have become less of a hard to get IPA, and more of a mystery IPA. Though still hard to get unless you manage to go out of your way somehow to get a bottle; it just seems the draw of continuing to buy this is to see how it is compared to the previous versions. It is clear that some Enjoy By IPA’s are better than the others and now it has become a treasure hunt to see if the new one is either better or not as good. Regardless you’re winning, this beer is still worth drinking and very good, and as long as I am able to readily obtain it, I will continue to buy one. However, that is the thing; I will only buy one or at most two, I have no need to buy multiples anymore. I buy one to review and one to drink right away. IPA’s are definitely drinker specific. Different styles of IPA’s are for different individuals. I do prefer Imperial styles to big hop bombs, as a great balance is important to me, but when buying an IPA like Enjoy By, you have to take into account the type of IPA you are buying and to put yourself into the right mindset, this is the best IPA when in the right mood!

Would I PAY for this beer? Of course I would. I have and I will continue to, like I’ve said numerous times now. As long as I am able to obtain this beer with certain ease I will continue to buy it. It is a game now, is it better this time around? Or worse? There is only one way to find out, and taking my money for a 22oz bottle is the only way to satisfy this curiosity. Damn you Stone Brewing, you genius marketing bastards. Grade: B+

Craftsmanship: Stone maintains a certain level of craft when it comes to their beers, this I respect and love and is one of the reasons I enjoy their beers so damn much. Despite their beer not holding up when compared to the previous versions, in my personal opinion of course; that doesn’t take from the fact that this beer was very well made and has continued to be brewed in high craftsmanship. There hasn’t been a beer from Stone I have disliked. There may have been a beer I wasn’t overwhelmed with, but a bad beer is something they do not make. Grade: A

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