Firestone Walker
Firestone Walker Cans

Firestone Walker Beers Now In Cans


Firestone Walker has just announced their first lineup of canned beers. The honor goes to Easy Jack Session IPA, Union Jack IPA, and Pivo Hoppy Pils starting mid February.

“We could have rushed into canning a few years ago, but we wanted the timing to be right,” said brewery co-proprietor David Walker. “The market for canned craft beer is now hitting its stride, and canning technology has come a long way in a short period. Also, cans are a perfect fit for life here on the Central Coast. All of these factors converged to finally reach a tipping point for us.”

The canning line was installed to produce cans of the Firestone Walker Blonde Ale known simply as 805. Not everybody is sold on cans, to them Brewmaster Matt Brynildson says, "Cans do a great job of blocking UV light and maintaining a great seal, but on top of that they’re just fun. They’re light and they carry anywhere. I get goosebumps just thinking about having these beers in cans."

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