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The Doctors: Lean Machine

Grab A Beer After That Workout


You've just finished your daily workout, grab a towel, and grab a cold one. That's right, grab a beer. The ingredients are typically natural, and in moderation it's not all that bad. Although beer isn't always the best choice, it really only needs some slight changes.

Enter Vampt, a Canadian beverage company, who created a low-alcohol, protein-packed 'fitness' beer called Lean Machine. This beer will be marketed as a sports drink. Further blurring the lines between reality and the wizardry from Vampt, they even label their drink as a Lager Ale along with a Lemon Ale.

Vampt - Lean Machine Recovery Ale

Ian Toews, who founded Vampt in 2009 sat down with NY Daily News to explain more. "All beer contains proteins and nutrients that help the body recover, but a lot of that is taken out in the brewing process," said Toews. "We're adding the important elements back in."

Sadly those elements are not alcohol, as it is widely known that too much alcohol can impair protein synthesis, and slow the repair process muscles go through. There will be a 2.3% abv version while, due to the Canadian regulatory process, Canada will have a .5% abv. Which some might argue, takes all the fun out of it.

Healthy or not, products like this always come and go. If this sounds appealing for you, try some and let us know how it is.

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Lean Machine Recovery Ale
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