Grateful Dead partner with Dogfish Head to release 'American Beauty'


The partnership is made and the name is set. Dogfish Head has teamed up with rock and roll's very own Grateful Dead to create a pale ale under the name American Beauty. But the ingredients aren't set just yet.

The team at Dogfish Head isn't afraid to toss a few unconventional ingredients or methods into their brew process.  A big reason why DFH was chosen by the band to collaborate on a brew.  But the collaboration doesn't stop there, the band turned to their loyal fans to help come up with the featured ingredient (it must be legal) and a Grateful Dead themed story to match it.

Ideas for the brew will be accepted starting in December, the winning fan will be invited to Dogfish's coastal Delaware brewpub in the spring of 2013 to help brew a test batch.

American Beauty is expected to hit taps nationwide starting in October 2013.

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