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Growler = Win-Win


With the growing popularity (and populous) of craft breweries. The opportunity to try a new brew from a local individual couldn't be more prominent in Southern California. KCET recently posted their take on the current growler situation. And we couldn't agree more, go fill up a growler today!

At BeerQwest we advocate going to your local breweries, it's a great way to find out about what you're drinking and the backstory of the brew, style, or to even grab a rare or seasonal brew. More than that it is a great way to support local brewers. Not only is the beer fresh from the brewery, the method also carries environmental benefits as well. First off without distribution that beer already has a smaller carbon footprint. Without the use of glass bottles or cans the environmental impact shrinks even more all with a reusable growler. We recommend you read the whole story at the source link below.

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