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Homebrew Spotlight: Flying at you Faster than Abuelita’s Chankla!


You ever had a Chankla thrown at you as a child? Do you even know what a Chankla is? Before I even start on this review, you need to take a moment to understand just how awesome the name of this beer is, and we will start this quick lesson with a single You Tube Video. Good now that we are up to par on what this is all about, we can begin getting into this beer with the pretense of how awesome it needs to be. This Homebrew was a collaboration between two friends I have made while investing my time in the Craft Beer Communities. Herbie and Riggs, are both great individuals and both have had reputations for brewing great homebrews before I have even had the pleasure to meet them. After hanging out them over the months I was finally able to get a homebrew from these guys, and to top it off it was a collaboration: Abueltia’s Chankla. This batch was brewed (or bottled) in late August, so it is still fairly fresh so I am eager to try it out and see what these two masterminds can put together in a homebrewing frenzy of blood. Riggs brewing under the name of West Coast Rebel Brewing, and Herbie brewing under his alias Herbie Homebrew (now that I think of it these are both alias’s, I guess real names are just too cool to have these days) have given me the chance to share this beer with you all, so lets get to it!

West Coast Rebel Brewing & Herbie Homebrew Present: Abuelita’s Chankla

Abuelita’s ChanklaZe Beer? Abuelita’s Chankla Ze Style? Oatmeal Milk Stout Ze Maker? West Coast Rebel Brewing & Herbie Homebrew Collaboration Ze Content! 7% abv Serving type: 12oz bottle

Abuelita’s Chankla pours a very pitch black color into my glass with a thin minimal head that forms on the pour, but stirs up nicely when swirled in my glass. Immediately, notes of sweet chocolate and roasted grain is present in this beer, you can tell this is an Oatmeal stout. The chocolate you get in this homebrew is that of a sweeter milk chocolate as opposed to a big dark chocolate bitterness, I am totally digging this. A bit of a spice on the backend of the aroma as well, can’t pick up on what kind just yet, but it’s leaving a bit of a heat in my nose, so possibly a peppery spice. The mouth feel is a little thin on the palate, but it looks like with the head from the pour a little carbonation may have been lost along the way. However, the flavors are not lost at all, and come out in a big way! This is definitely an Oatmeal Stout, there is no way around that and like mentioned a sweet chocolate presence, this would be a great breakfast beer as well! That spice is picked up a bit stronger on the back end of the palate and it does warm. I do not pick up any vegetation from a pepper, but I definitely taste it; very discrete but very pronounced. The spice does not linger on very long, but the chocolate does. The linger is more of that bitter dark chocolate you typically get, but not abrasive in any form, real smooth and creamy. I do get a slight bit of pencil shaving aroma from this beer as well, but I only pick it up as I pour, so it is not distracting but oddly appealing. It is like that scent you don’t want anyone to know your sniffing because of where that scent comes from but you always sniff it anyways; yea, that.

So upon talking to Riggs a bit more about what style exactly this beer is, he goes on to tell me to classify it as a Oatmeal Milk Stout w/ Mexican chocolate & Cayenne & Chipotle peppers. It dons on me, that peppery spice I was picking up, very well hidden and not distracting at all. I didn’t want to say it earlier, but this beer did remind me of a sweeter tasting less spicy version of Clown Shoe’s Mexican Sombrero, which I enjoy a whole lot. Knowing that this is just a homebrew that is on par with a great commercial beer like Clown Shoes, can only tell you one thing, these guys know what’s going on; so much in fact, that besides homebrewing as a hobby on the side, both Riggs and Herbie work at breweries brewing on a much larger scale for public consumption. This obviously tells you these two know what they are doing. Look out Craft Beer Industry; these are two guys to definitely keep an eye out for. Cheers!

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