Mars Brewing Company T-10 IPA

Homebrew Spotlight in T-minus 10…


Welcome back everyone today with another Homebrew Spotlight! I am back with a beer from my friends over at Mars Brewing Co. (to be very confused with Mars Street Brewing as they are the same but under a slightly updated name) with their latest IPA. From what I understand about this beer, is that this beer had a metric ton of hops added throughout the brewing process. Now what exactly is a metric ton of hops? I refer you to the following two photos and remind you that this was only a 10 gallon batch:
Hop Cake Before  Hop Cake After
Look at the amount of those hops.

With much success on my site in the past and homebrew competition ribbons to back this up, Mars Brewing Co. is at it again with their take on an Imperial/Triple style IPA. Now I don’t have to say how much I love me a good IPA, so let’s see what Mars Brewing Co. is bringing to the table with their new IPA!

Mars Brewing Co. –  T-10 IPA

T-10Ze Beer?  T – 10 (T minus 10)
Ze Style?  Imperial/Triple IPA
Ze Maker?   Mars Brewing Co.
Ze Content! 10.5%
Serving type:  12 oz bottle

This IPA pours a very nice and clear golden color into my IPA glass with a decent inch to inch and a half thick head that retains for a  few minutes before frothing to a thin layer on the surface of my beer leaving behind a very generous lacing to the glass. Tons of tropical notes on the aroma that are just so crisp and clean, nothing muddled, with a subtle but punctuated resin/pine aroma on the back end. Some slight grapefruit bitterness is also present but overall this IPA is nice and juicy on the aroma, clearly this is well hopped. As soon as you take your first sip, everything I just mentioned is backwards. A strong hop bitterness is present more pine and green resin is present with a soft follow through of all those tropical notes.  After the beer warms up it does sweeten up and become smoother and easier to drink, but it does loose a lot of that juiciness as well. Still very ripe with the tropical notes and the bitterness is still there, this beer just yo-yo’s all over your flavor palate, awesome. Just a touch of booziness is picked up on the back end, but for 10.5% abv, no where near the amount you would expect. After drinking this beer, I can just feel the layer of hops on my teeth, such a great feeling.

The newest addition (from what I understand) to the Mars Brewing Co. lineup. It is very clear at Mars Brewing Co., hops are enjoyed and a very integral part of their musings. With 10 hop additions and a 10.5% abv this beer is all sort of hop greatness in a bottle. The best part about this beer is that it is really different or unique from what tons of other IPA’s out on the market have to offer.  Now I would be remiss in my reporting to say that it is completely unique, but the beers that offer a similar profile to this aren’t as exaggeratingly polar opposite as this beer can be. When this beer first popped open, it reminded me of your classic Imperial IPA, with tons of tropical note aromas and a subtle pine hop presence, but upon the first sip, it was the complete opposite. Big hop bitterness with just a touch of sweetness on the back end. Now this did revert back to my original expectancies once the beer warmed up, which on a side note was just as impressive as the contrast up front. I really can’t wait to see what is next from Mars Brewing Co!

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