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Wolf Among Weeds IPA

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Welcome back! Tonight I make the decision to give Golden Road Brewing a real second Chance. Now I have had their beers a while back ago when my store first offered them, and I have to admittedly say that I just was not impressed at all. This was quite the shame seeing as growing up in Los Angeles, I wanted nothing more to have a big successful brewery in the area but I just could not get behind them. However as of recent, it seems they came back out of nowhere and in full force. Distribution seemed to just grow out of nowhere as well and Golden Road Brewing seemingly became more available. So after a shipping mistake and getting their beer back in my store, I decided that I would sample some out on one of our Beer Tasting events. I was surprised when I had tasted it again that the beer had significantly changed and for the better! So after a few 4 packs for myself, I decided to give a full review on the latest Golden Road Brewing beer to hit my shelves; Wolf Among Weeds. So sit back grab a beer and enjoy the review!

Golden Road Brewing – Wolf Among Weeds

Ze Beer? Wolf Among Weeds Ze Style? Double/Imperial IPA Ze Maker? Golden Road Brewing Ze Content! 8% ABV Serving type: 16oz can

Wolf Among Weeds pours a very crisp and clear golden straw color that forms a nice two inch head on the pour that froths down to a small thin layer on the surface of my glass and holds for great length. Tons of lacing is present on the glass from the moment the head starts to dissipate. Nice green pine and floral aromas come immediately from this IPA with soft and very subtle sweet tropical undertones. Some grapefruit citrus notes come through as well, but definitely a hop intensive beer on the forefront of the aroma. Wolf Among Weeds offers great hop bitterness IPA with nice balanced citrus flavors as well. The bitterness lingers on for a good while, but the bittering characteristic isn’t too intrusive; but it is very present. As this IPA has time to warm up more and more of the maltiness comes through and has a greater balance to the strong bittering hops. You can just tell a lot of different hops were used in the brewing of this beer. A nice sticky mouth feel rounds out the crisp soft body that Wolf Among Weeds provides. Overall a rather impressive beer from the people behind Golden Road Brewing; if you are a hop loving craft beer drinker than this is a beer you will need to try.

Now when Golden Road first started brewing, there was nothing great about this brewery at least not in my opinion. I had tried them out and was really just overall unimpressed by their quality of beers. Since then, Golden Road Brewing has brought on a new brewer to their teams and has turned around their entire lineup. Keeping the same names as before, he has changed the recipes and created something a whole lot better, at least this is what I am to understand. After hearing this, and after seeing the public respond to this brewery in a positive manner, I decided to try some of their basic offerings again; their Point The Way IPA and Hefeweizen. Both of which definitely stood out on my palate and exponentially compared to the previous offerings. With Los Angeles starting to gain grounds in the Craft Beer scene, I am glad a brewery like Golden Road exists and is thriving. I need to get my hands on a can of Heal the Bay, as well as the rest of their beers as they are not offered through my stores; at least not yet. I look forward to seeing this brewery grow and succeed. Being a native of Los Angeles, I have been waiting for this region’s Craft Beer scene to thrive!

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