Credit: The Pub @ Golden Road
Point the Way 6pack stack

New Point The Way IPA in Six-Packs


Jesse Houck, the new brewmaster behing Golden Road Brewing, has released his take on Point The Way IPA. This new recipe clocks in at 5.9% ABV compared to the former 5.2% ABV. These new brews can be found with a new distinct design and a much welcomed six-pack.

The day is almost over. I'm getting ready to head home after 8 grueling hours of work (yeah, I still sit all day and play on a computer). I suit up and head down to my motorcycle thinking about a short detour on the way home. Winter is coming to an end and I can't help wonder what lies ahead as I warm up the engine and prepare to leave. As it turns out, Golden Road Brewery had reformulated their 'Point the Way' IPA and released new 6-packs of it this morning. My mission has become clear. I would be doing a disservice to friends and family if I didn't stop and buy a few. This photo is the result of the planning and execution of that mission. Forgive my use of the wrong type of drinking vessel, for it is after all . . . still winter. undefined

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