Saint Archer Cans

Saint Archer Releases Four New Cans [Video]


Saint Archer has been making waves in San Diego, and as a relative newcomer craft beer drinkers have taken notice. That's why the brewery is so proud to introduce four new cans coming to market.

The Blonde Ale, White Ale, Pale Ale, and IPA are the best selling brews. Their popularity paired perfect with the "100 percent infinitely recyclable 12oz cans".

"The bottom line is cans speak to who we are as a brand and the lifestyle we all live," says Saint Archer CEO Josh Landan. "Saint Archer was founded by a collection of professional surfers and skateboarders who all love being active and on the move, and cans fit that lifestyle so well. Plus, cans are so good for the beer, that it really just made sense for us."

Tags: Source: Wall Street Journal
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