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Stone Enjoy By 07.04.14 IPA Rolls Out to Markets


A devastatingly fresh and immensely hopped Stone Brewing Co. beer, Stone Enjoy By 07.04.14 IPA, has been bottled, kegged, loaded on refrigerated trucks and is en route to hopheads nationwide. Stone is making it available to retailers and restaurants in all 41 states where Stone beers are sold, including Puerto Rico.

Stone Enjoy By 07.04.14 IPA showcases citrusy, fruity character brought on from 13 varieties of hops added at multiple stages during the brewing process. When combined and infused in massive quantities, the hops produce nuances of peaches and tropical fruit qualities that are evident in the aroma, while the taste is overwhelmingly hoppy.

Since the beer’s debut in 2012, Stone Enjoy By IPA has proven to be a groundbreaking way to savor fresh beer, and it has changed the way Stone and its distributors work together to deliver the fresh brews to increasingly fervent craft beer enthusiasts. The "Enjoy By" date that is prominently printed on the front of each bottle reflects the date, precisely 35 days after bottling, by which the IPA must be consumed. And Stone continues to make sure it will be: In the unlikely event that any hop-potent beer remains on the shelves on July 5, it will be removed.

Stone is giving fans the power to choose where the next batch of Stone Enjoy By IPA will go by engaging with the hashtags #EnjoyBy [five-digit zip code] on Twitter and Instagram, or by checking in with Untappd and adding a zip code to the notes section. Fans are able to visit the Stone Enjoy By IPA website, and a now mobile-friendly online page, once a day per device to vote with their zip code. Based on total interactions, Stone guarantees to roll out future batches of the beer to the locations that are most vocal about their desire to drink more Stone Enjoy By IPA.

How can one find this incredibly fresh beer? Visit and use the interactive map to find exactly which retailers, restaurants and bars are carrying the beer in bottles or on draft. 

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