The Beast from Within…


Today we visit Avery Brewing in the form of one of their limited 12oz bottles. Out of Colorado, Avery brewing makes several beers out for distribution. With plenty of great beers under their belts, they have even more of a limited line of beers as well. The beer I am here to share with you all today is one of those beers; The Beast Grand Cru. With a high ABV of 16%, this number fluctuates from year to year depending on how it fermented out. Regardless on the end product ABV, the beer always turns out excellently. With the new fall season starting, they are releasing their latest release of Rumpkin, if not released yet. So let’s just get to it as we crack into a 2012 bottle of The Beast Grand Cru from Avery Brewing Co.

Avery Brewing Co. – The Beast Grand Cru (2012)
Ze Beer? The Beast
Ze Style? Belgian Strong Dark Ale
Ze Maker? Avery Brewing
Ze Content! 16% ABV
Serving type: 12oz bottle

This beer pours a deep mahogany color into my glass with a nice inch and a half head that forms at the pour leaving behind a very frothy head that retains for many minutes after the pour. Lots of rich complex aromas come from the top of my glass from this Belgian Strong Ale, and you can tell right off the bat that this is a big boozey beer. Dark fruits are very apparent offering aromas of fig, raisin and dark cherries. A noticeable juicy plum like aroma is present as well, making this rather sweet, but assumingly to help balance out the big alcohol taste I am about to encounter. The 16% abv is very up front, but similar to some port wines the sweet dark fruits that help balance it out and smooth the edges. Surprisingly enough lots of big caramel flavors coat the palate as you take each sip. The big maltiness of this beer really helps with the big alcohol taste in this beer, because if it wasn’t there then this beer may be too overwhelming to take on, definitely a sipper. There really is a whole lot going on in this beer, it really is hard to just stay focused on one facet for any prolonged period of time. As the beer warms up it becomes smoother and easier to palate. That malty backbone really is the foothold of this beer making a solid level of caramel malts for the intense abv to rest upon. Fantastic job here with this beer, but even for a 12oz bottle, you want to share this with your friends.

This is the first time I have had this beer. Avery Brewing makes a several different beers including some very good special release beers. Their line of 6 packs does not bring in too much attention, but above their 6 pack are their 22oz bottle lines of beers which are really well made Craft Beers. This is where this brewery really seems to shine, on top of those 22oz bottles they have an even more limited line of 12oz bottles that are high in abv, and super intense in flavors. So far I have seen us able to obtain two of these beers; Mephistopheles’ Imperial Stout and The Beast Grand Cru. Though these beers are expensive they really are worth picking up and are very age worthy; and in most cases only improve with time. This one in particular has aged out very well, and though it seemed like it was extremely malty, it was a cloyingly sweet, more than I thought it would have turned out to be. The carbonation was still present and held well as well giving a bit more life to the beer even though having been aged a good while. The only downside to this line of beers is that they are for the most part hard to obtain, so snatch them up while you can and grab two at least, make sure you age one out.

Would I PAY for this beer? This is where it becomes a little rough, for a 12oz bottle, the price of these beers are a bit high, but well made and well worth it if you are into those high gravity beers. In most general cases paying near 9-10 dollars for a 12oz beer, it is easily overlooked but give this beer a second glance. Chances are you may be able to find some already aged, in some cases that the beer itself didn’t sell at its location.
Grade: B+

Craftsmanship: This beer was built to last, if I had the patience to age it out any longer, I am confident that it would be a lot better than it was now. Keeping true to its’ style with the dark fruits on the aroma while maintaining a malt forward body. This beer had a lot of attention put into it and it definitely reaps the benefits. Keep it up Avery; I look forward to getting my hands on more of these!
Grade: A

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