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Time to Get With the Modern Times!


So today is repeal day, what does this mean? It means 80 years ago, the 18th amendment declaring Prohibition and the outlaw of alcohol in the United States was redacted by the 21st amendment thus allowing us all to imbibe in our precious liquids! What better way to celebrate our Olden Times with something from our Modern times! Blazing World out of San Diego is a very recent brewery that I believe only opened earlier this year and as soon as it has done so has begun making a strong name for itself in the exponentially growing San Diego Craft Beer scene. So let’s get to it and move on from our times from the past and get on to these Modern Times!

Modern Times – Blazing World

IMAG1334Ze Beer? Blazing World
Ze Maker? Modern Times
Ze Style? Amber Ale
Ze Content! 6.8% abv
Serving Type: 16oz can

Blazing World pours a dark and clean amber color with a nice off white head that firms up to about an inch and a half before skimming to a thin layer that holds at the surface of my glass. Immediately you get a great hoppy aroma, which is very pleasant especially for an ‘Amber Ale’. Clean citrus and grapefruit with much pine and resin on the aroma; oily and slick on the aroma alone, the can was not lying when it claimed a Danky Hoppy Amber. Slight hints of tropical sweetness as well, overall a great plethora of hop aromas are presented in this ale. On the undertone, you get a bit of roasted malt character but not  whole lot, the hops really over power them but you can tell there is just a bit of a toasty characteristic. Big hops on the palate when you take a drink, lots more tropical notes stick out, combined with plenty of grapefruit as well. The bitterness lingers on for a good while, leaving behind a big bitter palate, finishing a little dry and on some toasted malt character. Now the bitterness isn’t overwhelming but it does stand out as the prominent characteristic; the best part of this ale is, that the abv is on the lower side of the spectrum so it makes for great and easy drinking. Though this beer is very hoppy, it does finish like an Amber Ale, and that is what is so refreshing, this is clearly an Amber Ale, but feels a lot like an IPA.

Modern Times has just recently been distributing, but since they have; they have coming out in full swing. With much hype coming from San Diego about this brewery, this was definitely a beer that I had set on my radar. With about 4 releases available through their 4 pack cans, this is the second one I have been able to try out, and as mentioned above in my review notes, this beer does not let down. It is technically categorized as an Amber Ale, but this will definitely satisfy the needs of your IPA fans, while allowing to offer them something a bit lower on abv, and with a bigger malt backbone. Though the hops do overpower the malt, they do so in such a way where the malts are not forgotten or unnoticed, or even in a fashion that allows them to run wild. This beer is amazingly well done and is definitely an ale you need to try if you have not done so yet.

Should you Buy this? If you are at all any kind of Craft Beer enthusiast, this is definitely something you need to try out. Albeit, this amber ale is definitely one for those who enjoy the almighty hop, and if you do not care for our friend the hop then, you may not like this. That is fine, but just know you are missing out on one truly amazing Craft Beer.
Is there a beer out there and easily accessible for me to obtain in the Southern California Region? Let me know and ill do my best to obtain it and share my thoughts with you! Just leave a comment or contact me at [email protected]

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