Photos: Brian Hardyman
(L-R) Sessionable IPA, Overdrive IPA, Alpha Drive IPA

Treading New Waters With A California Quad IPA


On Friday afternoon, when Valiant Brewing Company opens in Orange, CA there will be a line. The first 30 people will have the opportunity to fill a growler of the new Alpha Overdrive Quad IPA. Valiant is exploring new ground with this 14.2% ABV IPA. And you might just find me there.

Until now Alpha Drive IPA stood on it’s own, and later this week that beer will be joined by Alpha Overdrive and Sessionable, both IPAs with very different trajectories. Overdrive is a new Quad IPA, a big beer with big flavor. The second running from Alpha Overdrive were then used to make a new session IPA simply called Sessionable.

"As a car guy, I like to down shift into a lower gear - in overdrive." Brian Schroepfer

Brian Schroepfer, Owner & Head Brewer at Valiant Brewing CompanyAlpha Overdrive IPA is a big beer topping off at 14.2% abv, this is a really big beer. A caramel malt base flush with Nugget, Centennial, Amarillo and Simcoe hops. It takes about 30 minutes to feel the effect, and you'll probably need to sit down, just not before you grab another glass. Bigger beers produce a higher gravity, allowing for a second running for a small beer. “I normally don't do second running beers, because I want to plan everything out.” Brian Schroepfer, Owner and Head Brewer at Valiant shared. 

As a second running, Sessionable uses the same malt bill with different hops. New Zealand Waimea hops were used, giving this beer a slight citrus flavor with a very mellow caramel base. This IPA drinks more like a lager than a hoppy mess. Schroepfer said “Science is involved, but at the end of the day [beer] is an art.”

So mark your calendar for Friday June 27 at 4pm and bring your growler.



Brian Schroepfer, Owner & Head Brewer at Valiant Brewing Company
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