BeerQwest Announces Customizable ‘BeerQwest Widget’

BeerQwest Announces Customizable ‘BeerQwest Widget’

CORONA, Calif., July 12, 2013 — BeerQwest today announced the availability of a web widget that enables online users to easily integrate ratings for a particular brewery, pub, beer, or user into their own home page, blog, or website.

The BeerQwest Widget is powered by technology from ClickFWD, and is compatible with all leading blogs, customizable homepages, and social networking sites.  A web widget is a portable chunk of code that can be installed and executed within any separate HTML-based web page by an end user without requiring additional complication, according to Wikipedia (


“BeerQwest’s Widget facilitates the viral distribution of brewery and pub content and, in the best traditions of Web 2.0, is truly user-driven,” said Brian Hardyman, Beer Ambassador, BeerQwest.  “No matter where a person finds the BeerQwest Widget - a brewery homepage, blog, website comment - they can ‘get code’ for their own personal page, enabling them to access and share content at the click of a button, thus extending the reach of breweries and pubs to audiences with interest specifically aligned.”


BeerQwest currently offers a number of social media elements on all text and multimedia content.  These include the abilityto:

- One-Click register and login using Facebook Connect

- Share articles in Twitter, Facebook, and Google+

- Rate breweries, pubs, beers and share on Facebook Timeline


“The BeerQwest Widget combines the resources of our community built database with the simplicity of ClickFWD’s widget technology, providing the internet with a dynamic, yet easy-to-use access point to breweries, beers, pubs, and users’ most helpful reviews,” concluded Hardyman.


BeerQwest is a social website to find, share, and rate the best places to find and enjoy craft beer.  Built on a scalable, Web 2.0 platform, BeerQwest enables breweries, pubs, and other craft beer businesses the ability to distribute information about their company, interact with reviewers, and incorporate live user feedback via web widgets.  Their mission is to promote good craft beer and the people who make it.  To share in the experience, please visit us online at

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