Photos by: Brian Hardyman
Tustin Brewing Company

A Toast to Craft Beer Week at Tustin Brewing Company


Last week was American Craft Beer Week and it is becoming more and more popular among beer drinkers.  This year theBrewers Association coordinated a massive nationwide toast on Thursday May 16th 8e/5p.  Together fans of craft beer raised their glasses in tribute to the bubbly elixir.

Mothership Connection Double IPA

Just before the coast to coast toast, I slid into the nearest brewery to rub shoulders with fellow beer drinkers.  It just so happened to be the Tustin Brewing Company.  Not only were they celebrating American Craft Beer Week by joining together and drinking in honor of the craft, but they were also releasing a collaboration beer made on-site with Stone Brewing Company called Mothership Connection, a bold Double IPA.

Brewers from Tustin Brewing Company and Stone Brewing CompanyJustinian Caire, Brewing Trainer, drove up from Escondido where the Stone Brewing Company calls home, to concoct Mothership Connection with Jerrod Larsen of Tustin Brewing Company.  Jerrod was recently promoted to the head brewer position at Tustin last March.  He spent the last 18 months working with former head brewer Jonathan Porter, who recently departed to start up Smog City Brewing.  Their brew came out great, a timeless flavor branded with a moniker just as unique.

With Mothership Connection released to a packed room, patrons were eager to join in the nationwide tribute.  Collaboration batches by companies large and small, such as Stone and Tustin, and many other breweries is what craft beer is all about, people coming together to make something great and letting others share in the passion.  This truly is a joyous time for fans of the bubbly goodness.

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