Band of Gypsies Collaboration

Bay Area Gypsy Brewers Band Together


At BeerQwest we've just heard word of an interesting collaboration in the San Francisco Bay Area. Eight brewers, that's right eight, have joined in collaboration they call "gypsy brewers". Which the Brewers Association defines as a contract brewery.

From the release:

“Not-owning a physical brewery doesn’t stop us [gypsy brewers] from being extremely passionate, innovative and community-minded,” notes Band of Gypsies ring leader, Ashley Routson of Bison Organic Beer. “Our mission is to work together to promote and celebrate each other, and educate the craft beer community on the world of gypsy brewing.”

Members of the Band of Gypsies Collaboration Beer Project include Bison Organic Beer, Calicraft Brewing Co., Highwater Brewing, Lucky Hand, Oakland Brewing Co., Pacific Brew Labs, Triple Voodoo & Uncommon Brewers (host). All of the breweries have headquarters and live in the Bay Area.

In honor of San Francisco Beer Week 2013, the Band of Gypsies is releasing its first collaboration beer, aptly named The Belgian Tramp – an organic Belgian Quad brewed with house-made candy sugar, California-grown Mission figs, raisins and dates. Boasting a hefty 10.5% abv., Belgian Tramp is sticky sweet and boozy with rich flavors of dark fruit, roasted malt and caramel, a moderate hop bitterness, and a smooth, dry finish.

Bison Organic Beer Press Release

Speaking for myself, I'm glad to see a collaboration like this come together with such a large group of brewers. And I for one would like to see this movement down in LA. With as many contract brewers as there are in LA, it's a perfect petri dish for this type of project.

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