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Kickstarter: Barrel Maker Brew Co.


Kickstarter is a great way to fund your next project or idea. Over the past few years, we’ve seen breweries, pubs, and bottle shops use some sort of crowdfunding to jumpstart their goals. Some have claimed victory by opening their business and sending out rewards to the faithful backers. But not everyone is so lucky, if you don’t get 100% of your goal funded then you leave empty handed, that is the risk and reward. We followed up with Orange County’s soon-to-be Barrel Maker Brew Company. Their goal is to open up a tap room and bottle shop in South Orange County, landing them “smack in the middle of the travel gap between Orange and Oceanside, and will begin to fill the craft void in South Orange County” as it reads on their KS page. They have 2 weeks left to secure funding and worth your time to visit.

Cooper Confections at Farmers MarketI followed up with Danielle Weaver, who owns and operates Cooper Confections and Brew PawPaw with her husband and business partner Chase Weaver. Together these two businesses will be housed under the Barrel Maker moniker. I wanted to know why they decided on Kickstarter to fund their business, a move that is becoming increasingly popular compared to the traditional venture capital funding of years past. She told me, “Our crowd funding project is just one area we have tapped into for financial support. We did this because the craft beer community is one that appears to be genuinely invested in the local gems providing great products and great service, overall creating great relationships.”

Building great relationships is challenging in any business. Toss beer in the mix and it might make the process easier, but business can’t survive on great relationships alone. Danielle explained that they have the experience needed to really make this idea a success, “My husband and I both agreed that with our extensive backgrounds in food and beverage, owning our own place was our next step. We are both cicerones and craft beer enthusiasts, we came fresh from some beer focused restaurants and tasting rooms and had [our own] slightly different notion. We wanted to open a beer bar for craft lovers. We didn't want to be too beer geeky about it and intimidate those Coors drinkers out there, but we know our stuff and can easily get down to craft brass tacks when necessary.”

Brew PawPawPassionate people tend to make some of the best products with the most amount of care and attention applied to every detail. It’s clear after a few minutes of looking into these 3 businesses that passion for craft beer is a focus. The kickstarter goal of $75,000 is ambitious to say the least. I personally hope they make their goal and can’t wait order a pint in person. I ended on one of the first questions I usually have for crowdfunded projects, what will you do if you’re not able to raise the full $75k? Danielle answered,”This will be a setback for us, but we have several investors lined up in case we cannot raise the funds on our own. This project will happen, it's just a matter of how long and who we will owe. We would rather owe our patrons and be able to pay them back with a great shop in a great location with the names of every person that made it happen tagged all over the store.”

The team at Barrel Maker Brew Co is clearly making more than just beer, they should have just called themselves Community Maker Brew Co. Be sure to check out their Kickstarter page and share with friends.

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