Photos: Chris Tucker

MacLeod brings Brittish cask ales to the San Fernando Valley


MacLeod Ale Brewing Co. LogoTraditional English ales will be coming to the San Fernando Valley when MacLeod Brewing opens their doors to the public this Sunday. Located in Van Nuys, amidst industrial buildings like breweries tend to be today, brewer Andy Black is focusing on cask ales. Not the casks you may be familiar with at your local bar’s “Firkin Friday”, but true, English style cask ale. Sometimes called “real ale”, MacLeod would rather their beers not be referred to as such. They find the term “dismissive of respectable craft brewers who use other methods”. However, MacLeod is serving beer in traditional British form; cellar temps, session-able ABV, the smooth mouthfeel and perfect head that can only be had from cask ale through a beer engine.

Andy Black, MacLeod Brewing CompanyI had the opportunity to sample one of MacLeod’s core beers with the LA Beer Bloggers. The Little Spree, a “Yorkshire Pale Ale”, was served in 10oz ½ pints and 20oz full British pints along with cheese and artisan crackers made from spent grain. It was easy to enjoy the spacious taproom while drinking a couple pints of delicious cask conditioned ale.

Tickets for MacLeod Ale Brewing Co’s grand opening can be purchased though Brown Paper Tickets. For $15 you get admission and 5 drink tickets, good for 10oz of beer each. There will also be several food trucks on site to keep you fed. Tickets sold are for 2 hour sessions to keep the crowds manageable.



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