Photo: Courtesy Alaskan Brewing
Cans of Alaskan Amber Ale

The Alaskan CAN Do Attitude


We've heard news from Alaskan Brewing Co. that the regional brewery is expanding operations and distribution while also stretching their legs with a new canning line.

Having broke ground in April, the facility expansion will join two existing buildings, making room for a much needed packaging and warehousing area. The expansion will be completed in two phases by early 2015. The result will also include retail space, expanding the tasting room and gift shop.

Many breweries are transitioning towards canning lines. Alaskan is no different and is doing this with quality in mind. Their process minimizes the amount of oxygen that is picked up during the packing process to the same level as the bottling line. A limited amount of cans will be available soon, and expanded once the facility expansion has completed. So expect to only find Alaskan Amber and Freeride APA for now in local markets.

Continuing the expansion, Alaskan beer will soon make it's way to South Dakota and Michigan. South Dakota connects their midwest territory, and Michigan is a new venture into the Eastern time zone. 17 markets now carry Alaskan beer, and I'd wager that number will continue to rise.

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