Wicks Brewing Company Celebrates 4 Years


Wicks Brewing Company is celebrating four righteous years of making and pouring craft beer. Not only have they given their brand a facelift with a fresh logo, they're also planning an incredible party you won't want to miss.

I spoke with Ryan Wicks, owner at Wicks Brewing Company, he tells me they have a new brewing team comprised of Johnny Foster and Cody Scanland. Together Johnny and Cody are making some wonderful brews. "The new logo, affectionately called the Hop Helmet, will be used for almost all of our new merchandise," Ryan tells me. "this logo somewhat marks a new, more modern age for Wicks Brewing."

Wicks Brewing is kicking off their 4th Anniversary party at 12:00 pm Saturday, April 29th. They'll be releasing special beers, only available at the brewery, all day with live music in their parking lot. Wicks has always been a family friendly environment, this event is no different.

Beer ABV Style Notes
Root Beer 0.0% Soda  Non-alcoholic handmade soda.
Lil' Mo 4.5% Session IPA Brewed w/ Mosaic and Cascade hops.
Farmers Toil w/ Local Blood Orange 5.1% Citrus Wheat Brewed w/ local blood oranges.
Gateway 5.1% Blonde  
Gateway w/ Dragonfruit & Kiwi 5.1% Blonde Blonde with dragonfruit and fresh kiwi.
Bard's Song 5.6% Pecan Brown Brewed w/ toasted pecans.
Bard's Song w/ Vanilla 5.6% Pecan Brown Brewed w/ toasted pecans and vanilla.
Paladin 5.6% Pale Pale ale liberally hopped w/ Citra and Cascade hops.
Paladin w/ Grapefuit 5.6% Pale Hoppy pale ale w/ local grapefruit.
Paladin w/ Habanero 5.6% Pale Hoppy pale ale w/ fresh habanero.
Blood Moon 5.8% American Red  
Battle Cry 7.0% IPA  
Morning Star 7.0% Coffee Stout  
S'Morning Star 7.0% Coffee Stour Coffee stout w/ graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolate, and lactose.
Orange You Not Entertained? 8.0% Double IPA Unfiltered NE style double IPA brewed w/ El Dorado and Citra hops.
Black Knight 8.6% Imperial Porter  
Quad Goals w/ Raspberry 10.0% Belgian Quad Port barrel-aged tart Quad w/ raspberry.
Triple Chin 10.0% Triple IPA Double dry-hopped, unfiltered triple IPA brewed w/ Chinook, Simcoe, and Eureka! hops.
Trustworthy 10.2% Imperial Stout 3rd Anniversary Imperial Stout, oak barrel-aged w/ vanilla beans and cacao nibs.


Nitro Drafts ABV Style Notes
Farmer's Fifty/Fifty 5.1% Citrus Wheat Brewed w/ organic navel oranges, vanilla, & lactose
Black Knight 8.6% Imperial Porter  


Cask Ales ABV Style Notes
 Mo' Mango 4.5% Session IPA Session IPA w/ fresh mango.


Special Tappings ABV Style Notes
2pm - A Knight Over the Wall 8.6% Imperial Porter Imperial porter w/ chocolate, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, & pasilla chiles.
4pm - 2 Year Siege 11.0% Barleywine  2nd Anniversary barleywine, cellared 2 years.
5pm - 1 Year Siege 9.2% Barleywine  1st Anniversary barleywine, cellared 3 years.
6pm - Quad Goals w/ Boysenberry  10.0% Belgian Quad Port barrel-aged tart Quad w/ boysenberry. 
7pm - *CASK* A Knight of Romance 8.6% Imperial Porter Imperial Porter w/ chocolate, vanilla, & cherries.
9pm - Quad Goals w/ Blackberry 10.0% Belgian Quad Port barrel-aged tart Quad w/ blackberry.
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