Drinking Buddies

Drinking Buddies, A Comedy About Knowing When To Say When


Drinking Buddies, directed by Joe Swanberg, is available on iTunes/On Demand today and hits theaters Aug 23, 2013.

Luke and Kate work together at a Chicago brewery. Played by Olivia Wilde and Jake Johnson, these two actors had perfect chemistry for the role. Like a good craft beer, appearances aren't everything. This easy going relationship becomes more intricate as the story plays. Luke is in a serious relationship with Jill (Anna Kendrick) where marriage is a running topic. Kate is the brewery manager who is in a less serious relationship with Chris (Ron Livingston). A weekend retreat ends up being more than expected.

The craft beer cameos are as much fun to point out as the awkward exchanges between Luke and Kate. Although not front and center, you’ll find beers like Heady Topper as an extra in some scenes. The brewery is more-less an establishing shot than it is a behind the scenes looks at an actual brewery. Regardless, it still feels good to see craft beer mixing with our culture of film. I recommend this movie for anybody who is interested by stories based around character development, the craft beer aspect is a bonus and constant reminder that yes they in fact work at a brewery.

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