The Beer Snobs - Episode 26

Another week, another episode of The Beer Snobs is ready for your cranium. This week Daemon, Brian, and B are talking growlers from Oak Hills Brewing Co. in the high desert. Not just any growler though, B decided to change things up with a growler of root beer. That's right, many breweries also brew soda and in many cases, some of the best root beer you can find, Oak Hills was no exception. But since root beer isn't real beer, B also tag teamed Dedication Brown ale by the same brewery. A smooth brown ale, well done with a great flavor and mouthfeel.
After that we poured a few glasses of the Baba Black Lager from Uinta Brewing Company. Uinta is located in Salt Lake City, where beer laws are less favorable and instead place a glass ceiling on how good the flavor can be. That's because of the ABV laws governing beer and where it can be sold, not how much ABV is in the beer, but rather who can sell certain ABV beers. The cut off is 4.0%. Simply put, beer containing an alcohol content of 4.0% and below can be purchased at convenience & grocery stores. As well as bars, taverns, private clubs, restaurants & brew pubs. Beer Above 4.0% can only be purchased at State Liquor Stores (SLS), bars, restaurants, private clubs & brewpubs with the proper licensing. Knowing that this beer needed to be no higher than 4.0% ABV, the grain bill can be modified so that the amount of fermentable sugars doesn't exceed a certain level, or you'll have too much alcohol. But the grain isn't just the alcohol, it's also the flavor and attributes to the glass ceiling when talking about flavor.
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Oak Hills Brewing Company Dedication Brown Ale and Root Beer
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