The Beer Snobs - Episode 28


Home Brew with Hardyman

Dry Hopping
The process of adding hops directly to fermented beer, typically before carbonation. This infuses the beer with a rich hop flavor. A technique that is highly desirable with India Pale Ales.
The Process
  • Sanitize bottle crowns, measuring cup, and funnel using Starsan.
  • Measure 1g of hops (1-3 pellets)
  • Open a 12oz bottle of Bud Light and add 1g of hops. Quickly, crown the bottle before it starts fizzing.
  • Label each bottle.
  • Set aside for 3-5 days in a cool place.
  • Place bottles in refrigerator for 1-2 days to cold-crash
  • Open bottles and filter using a tea towel, muslin bag, or coffee filter to remove any trub.
  • Serve in room temperature glass.
The Results
Bud Light doesn’t offer much flavor, making it the perfect base for our experiment. Dry hopping with this method is a great way to explore and compare aroma, flavor, and mouthfeel character of any one hop. Once we had all our notes from the Cascade, Mosaic, Chinook, and Citra, we started with combinations to see what flavors the hops collaboration on. This was an easy process that didn’t take much time, and can be done over and over again. My only limiting factor was how much Bud Light I really wanted to buy.
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Sanitize Everything!
Prepare Supplies
Weigh out 1g of each hop.
Get your base beer ready.
Add hops to beer.
Do it quick without causing the beer to foam.
Re-crown the beer and let sit for a week.
Label the hop on each beer.
Enjoy and explore.
Did you find something missing? Add it.