Chug with Zane Lamprey

Zane Lamprey Kickstarts Chug [Video]


Fans of Drinking Made Easy and Three Sheets will be happy to know that Zane Lamprey is Kickstarting his next big show called Chug.  With the help from fans all over the world, Zane hopes to raise between $500,000 and $1,200,000 to produce the first season.

Determined to bring out the best of both shows, Zane has Teamed up with Mike Kelly, Executive Producer of Three Sheets, together the duo hopes to make a show similar to Drinking Made Easy with a slight focus on transpiration.  Specifically trains are the main mode of transportation Zane will use as he "chugs" along.  Zane will travel the world... again, learning and sharing international drinking culture and customs.

To top things off, Pleepleus is also along for the ride.  Those not familiar, Pleepleus is Zane's personal drinking buddy.  He has been in 100 shows and is a big part of the drinking game to play while watching.

Rewards for supporting the Kickstarter are a good value with some backers receiving DVD and BluRay discs of the entire season for a very reasonable price.  Supporters have until May 1st to back this project.

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