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Game of Thrones Beer
KellyBowen3   January 23, 2015  
Take a trip to Kings Landing with Kelly, Wes, and guest host Tim, and go on a fiery journey through your palate! The guys crack the latest Game of...
Kern River Citra & Bradley Cooper for Indiana Jones?
KellyBowen3   December 19, 2014  
Kelly and Wes are at it again with Kern River Brewing Co. Citra Double IPA! Somewhere along the way we wondered who would make a good Indiana Jones reboot lol....
Episode 36: Beer News with Daemon and RJ King Wingwalker Brewing Company IPA
BeerQwestBrian   December 18, 2014  
In this episode Daemon brings us some news about beer for us to discuss. After that, it’s business as usual with another 100%...
Bourbon County - Overrated?
KellyBowen3   December 18, 2014  
Tap Geeks host Kelly Bowen, and special guests Big Pappy, Martin and Justin, review BOURBON COUNTY BRAND STOUT 2013 and discuss the Anheuser-Busch takeover of Goose Island. This one...
Stone Brewing Co. 12th Annual & STAR WARS!
KellyBowen3   December 17, 2014  
Kelly and Wes crack open a SIX year old Bitter Chocolate Oatmeal Stout. Then we geek out on Star Wars Episode VII speculation lol. Tell us what to drink...
OMG! A growler of Speedway Stout! (12%)
KellyBowen3   December 15, 2014  
Welcome to Tap Geeks! The all new show about beer and whatever the hell strikes our interest! Please join our hosts Kelly Bowen...
Call It Monkey Rum
BeerBaron   November 25, 2014  
Last night was the premier of a new show that we at BeerQwest have been highly-anticipating for months now: Chug. Zane Lamprey, rum maker...
41 results - showing 11 - 20  
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