Brews & Bros: Dale Bros. 12th Anniversary

On Saturday, January 24th, we will be joining our good friends at Dale Bros. in celebrating their 12th anniversary at the Brews and Bros Craft Beer Festival located at the Cable airport, in Upland, California. Now, as we recall, this was a pretty great event last year, what with the veritable pantheon of breweries, family-friendly activities, great music, and proceeds benefitting the Save Our Schools, the Claremont Educational Foundation...and this one promises to be bigger and better than ever before.
After meeting with Andy Dale and Julie McAleer, Tap Room Manager/Special Events Coordinator, we realised the sheer magnitude of the event, which got us all the more excited. Of course many awesome, reputable breweries will be in attendance, as well as gourmet food vendors, such as Slater’s 50/50, Bacon Mania, and Pappa’s Artisanal, but there will also be craft soda. That’s right, craft soda. And who better to be at the helm of such a creation than Ritual Brewing, Hangar 24, Alosta Brewing Co., Oak Hills Brewing Co., and, of course, Dale Bros.
A feature we look forward to will be the representation of local cideries and wineries. Ace Premium Craft Ciders, Rev Winery, the historic Galleano Winery, Joseph Filippi Winery & Vineyards, State Street Winery, and our favorite local beer, wine, and cider shop, Liquorama, in Upland.
Like last time, there will be a van, clad in chalkboard paint, for kids, and whomever else, to color on. There will be vintage and custom motorcycles, Stay Gold barber shop, Pacific Wine Merchants, a photo booth and more. We at BeerQwest very much look forward to this event and celebrating with Dale Bros. for 12 years of beer excellence.
More info. and tickets can be found at the Dale Bros site... Cheers!
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