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OC Brew Ho Ho! Holiday Ale Festival Announced on Dec 13th.

The holiday season is coming up. If you’re like me and all you want to do is lock yourself in a bomb shelter to avoid the mobs of shoppers, then check out your best escape for the holiday season - The 3rd annual OC Brew Ho Ho! Holiday Ale Festival in Anaheim on Dec 13th.
This outstanding event has been sold out each and every year since it’s inception in 2012. With 60+ beers on tap, and a focus on familiar brews, seasonal ales, and holiday-themed beer. In addition to those beers, the team at Brew Ha Ha Productions has partnered with Valiant Brewing Company and Black Market Brewing to produce a new Russian Imperial Stout with vanilla beans, cherries, smoked wood, and rounding up to a strong 13% ABV.
So if you’ve been good, and you want to get a photo with Santa Claus, skip the mall and hit the OC Brew Ho Ho! Holiday Ale Festival instead.
Event Notes: Remaining tickets are currently available for $55 online, and Designated Reindeer (driver) tickets are available for $10 online. Unlimited 2 oz. tastings will be provided in a complimentary along with a commemorative tasting glass. Tastings will take place from 12 – 4 p.m. with the Brewery Merchandise Expo open until 5 p.m. For more information and to purchase tickets visit
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