Taste of Brews 2015 - Corona, CA

I Poured at Taste of Brews IE 2015


The 4th Annual Taste of Brews IE was held on Sat 4/18 in the Koroneburg Renaissance Village, located at the Crossroads Riverview Park in Corona, CA. VIP and general admission tickets allotted for unlimited tastes from the dozens of craft breweries that attended. There were also multiple food trucks and guest vendors.

This year I decided to try something different, I volunteered to be on the opposite side of the taps and pour the beer. I was stationed with the Bootleggers Brewery crew, who brought 2 beers for the masses to taste. The first was, Rocco Red Ale, an American Red Ale, made with Chinook, Cascade, and Columbus hops at 7.1% ABV and 37 IBU. The second was a Spring Seasonal Release, Mountain Meadow, an Herbed Blonde Ale with forward notes of honey, at 5.5% ABV and 15.7 IBU.

Though people asked for Knuckle Sandwich, we didn’t have it. However they didn’t leave disappointed, many of these guest returned 4 – 5 times, bringing their friends, raving about how they loved one or both of the beers and couldn’t get enough. Another thing I kept hearing about was how much they appreciated when I rinsed their glass, that small detail seemed to be lacking from many of the other booths. In the end Mountain Meadow was the crowd favorite, nearly emptying the keg.

In all, everyone was polite, patient, and enjoyed good local beers. Even though I didn’t get to partake in the tasting, I still had a really good time and encourage others to volunteer at least once, to experience what it’s like to pour for a few hundred people.

Thank you to the Taste of Brews Crew for this opportunity,


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