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Hop Wars – Help me Hopjack, you’re my only hop!
SoCalBoomer   November 11, 2014  
I lost. Well, when I say that "I" lost, it's me and my wife, Cyndi. Yep – we lost Hop Wars. ...
The Beer Snobs: Home Brewing with Hardyman
BeerQwestBrian   August 02, 2014  
Last month I had the pleasure of being a guest on The Beer Snobs podcast. They even devoted an entire segment to home brew, and told me to navigate...
Brewbarrel, A Kickstarter To Make Brewing Easy
BeerQwestBrian   June 24, 2014  
Brewbarrel is an easy concept that basically does all your prep-work for you, allowing you to simply brew a beer easily at home. They want to bring the product...
Summer Be Damned
Herbie Homebrew   July 03, 2013  
When I first started homebrewing, I, along with most homebrewers living in warmer climates, had issues dealing with keeping a good ferment temperature during the hot days of summer....
4 results - showing 1 - 4  
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