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Small Town Surprise
Brewery SoCalBoomer   November 19, 2014  
On a long trip to Montana, which we thought would be quite a dry trip, my wife and I had a very pleasant surprise....
Episode 35: Home Brewing with Hardyman and Guinness Brewing Blonde American Lager
Entertainment BeerQwestBrian   November 14, 2014  
In this episode we sample another delicious Hardyman home brew, while he describes it. After that, it’s business as usual with another...
Hop Wars – Help me Hopjack, you’re my only hop!
Home Brew SoCalBoomer   November 11, 2014  
I lost. Well, when I say that "I" lost, it's me and my wife, Cyndi. Yep – we lost Hop Wars. ...
Episode 34: Beer Talk and Henninger Brewery Premium Lager Bier
Entertainment BeerQwestBrian   November 07, 2014  
In this episode we dedicate a segment to talking about the show itself. After that, it’s business as usual with another 100% blind taste...
Cismontane's new Santa Ana Taproom Opens Nov 7th.
Brewery BeerQwestBrian   November 02, 2014  
Cismontane Brewing Company has a brand new Santa Ana Tasting Room and the grand opening is coming up this Friday on Nov 7th, 2014. The brewery...
The Beer Snobs - Episode 33
Entertainment BeerQwestBrian   October 31, 2014  
This week the Snobs revisit their roots with a classic double blind tasting with WingWalker Amber Ale and Saranac Kölsch. ...
The Beer Snobs - Episode 32
Entertainment BeerQwestBrian   October 24, 2014  
Home Brewing with Hardyman This week we try Hardyman's Citrus Bomb IPA. Hops: Columbus, Simcoe, Centennial Malt: Crystal 15L Additions:...
230 results - showing 71 - 80  
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