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Skyland Ale Works Painted Logo
Brewery BeerBaron   December 16, 2014  
High atop the San Bernardino mountains, Jim Beyers and Ken Penrose, of Crestline, California, have been hard at work for years on their beer recipes. Inspired...
OMG! A growler of Speedway Stout! (12%)
Entertainment KellyBowen3   December 15, 2014  
Welcome to Tap Geeks! The all new show about beer and whatever the hell strikes our interest! Please join our hosts Kelly Bowen...
Keep Looking Beer Lock
Beer BeerQwestBrian   December 01, 2014  
Missing some Bourbon County Barrel Aged beers? Can't find that IPA you've been looking forward to? Did your entire family raid your craft beer...
Call It Monkey Rum
Entertainment BeerBaron   November 25, 2014  
Last night was the premier of a new show that we at BeerQwest have been highly-anticipating for months now: Chug. Zane Lamprey, rum maker...
Small Town Surprise
Brewery SoCalBoomer   November 19, 2014  
On a long trip to Montana, which we thought would be quite a dry trip, my wife and I had a very pleasant surprise....
Episode 35: Home Brewing with Hardyman and Guinness Brewing Blonde American Lager
Entertainment BeerQwestBrian   November 14, 2014  
In this episode we sample another delicious Hardyman home brew, while he describes it. After that, it’s business as usual with another...
Hop Wars – Help me Hopjack, you’re my only hop!
Home Brew SoCalBoomer   November 11, 2014  
I lost. Well, when I say that "I" lost, it's me and my wife, Cyndi. Yep – we lost Hop Wars. ...
234 results - showing 71 - 80  
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