This is a short list of the most frequently asked questions. For more information about BeerQwest, or if you need support, please visit our Contact area.

What is BeerQwest?

BeerQwest is a fun way to share beer destinations, and discover new breweries and bottle shops. Originally developed as a Craft Beer Map for the Hardyman brothers, the site has evolved into a Brewery Bucket List and beer blog. The brothers are tossing around the idea of producing beer-related videos– we'll see what happens.

How much is your app?

Our iOS and Android apps are currently under development. They can be acquired for $0.00 when released.

How does privacy work?

When you sign up for BeerQwest only other members can see your profile, unless changed by the user. Additionally, we will only use information provided to us to improve BeerQwest. We will never sell or share user information with anyone.

How are destinations (breweries, pubs/bars, etc) and beers added to the website.

Any registered user can add listings to our review system. Navigate to Reviews > + Add Listing

Can I make edits to the listing for my company?

Yes, registered users can claim listings by selecting the Claim button. Enter information in the provided box proving you are the rightful owner and our moderators will process your claim.
Click here for more information on claiming a page.

How can I get news about my company on BeerQwest?

Simply add to your media distribution list. We'll get the info and assign it accordingly.

Can BeerQwest help me find Gluten-Free beers.

We are proud to gather information on which beers are Gluten-Free. We realize that beer is so great, even people who can't have gluten should still be able to share in the BeerQwest. Click here to find Gluten-Free beer.

Who can use a BeerQwest Widget?

Anybody can add a widget to a website; breweries, pubs, bloggers, and beer geeks were in mind when we made them. It's a great way for bloggers to promote their latest and favorite beers or destinations. Breweries can promote their most popular beers. And pubs and breweries who want to share the most recent reviews directly on their website. Click here for more information on widgets.

How can I get a BeerQwest Widget on my website?

Select the BeerQwest Widget that you want to use. Customize your widget using our easy-to-use customization tool. Get the code for your widget and paste the HTML onto your website. We'll do the rest and your widget will always be up to date.

Are you hiring?

BeerQwest is comprised of volunteers. If you're interested in contributing to our efforts; please send samples of your work to for review.

When are you going to make an app for Blackberry, Windows Phone 7, iPad, etc?

We're focusing our efforts on making our iOS and Android apps. We want them to be as good as possible before we move development to new platforms. Until an announcement is made, we recommend using

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Contact us for support or more information about BeerQwest.