Ace Apple Honey Cider

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Ace Apple Honey Cider

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Ace Cider
All Year Long
5% ABV
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We begin our Ace Apple Honey with a dry fermented apple base and then we add Sonoma Wildflower Honey to finish up with a golden colored cider at 5% alcohol by volume with a slight spritz. The cider starts the palate with sweetness and then finishes dry. It is one of our more complex ciders and we love it! We bottle it in 12 and 22 ounce bottles as well as 3 different sized kegs. The Ace Apple Honey is a seasonal cider that is released around January and February each year. This cider is somewhat like a mead and is absolutely delicious with fowl. It is all natural, low-calorie, and gluten-free along with the rest of our cider range.

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