Hardywood Bohemian Pils

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Hardywood Bohemian Pils

Beer Data

Czech Pilsener (Lager)
5% ABV
38 IBU
4 - Pale Gold
1.048 OG
First Release
April 2014
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While it may be difficult to fully appreciate outside of its homeland, the breadth and diversity of the Czech brewing tradition extends far beyond a certain Ur-lager. Hardywood Bohemian Pils gives a nod to the wonderfully fresh and complex unfiltered pale lagers being produced in the brewpubs of Prague. Brewed with an heirloom variety of floor-malted barley from the Czech Republic, Hardywood Bohemian Pils features a rich, bready maltiness balanced by smooth bitterness and spiciness from the exclusive use of Czech Saaz hops. A traditional Czech lager yeast strain ties the whole package together, creating a refreshingly clean yet characterful flavor profile with a crisp finish. Na zdraví!

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