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Sabroso 2017: Beer at the Beach
Event BeerBaron   May 08, 2017  
It’s no secret that BeerQwest enjoys a good beer festival. And one of our favorite beer fests, the Sabroso Craft Beer and Taco Festival just added another ingredient: music,...
5th Annual Brew Ho Ho Holiday Ale Festival Returns to Anaheim Dec. 10
Event BeerQwestBrian   November 14, 2016  
Over 90 craft beers from the finest breweries in Southern California and beyond with seasonal, holiday and winter ale tastings [Anaheim,...
4th Annual Brew Ho Ho
Event BeerBaron   December 18, 2015  
Here at BeerQwest, nothing warms our cockles quite as much as attending the annual Brew Ho Ho, at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim, California. And cockled were definitely warmed....
Sabroso 2016: Tacos and Beer, Part III
Event BeerBaron   May 12, 2016  
The scene was picturesque at Lake View Park, in Silverado, CA, with partly-cloudy skies, a gorgeous view of the lake, and dozens of the finest craft beer easy-ups peppered...
Cali UNCORKED: A Collaboration Beer/Wine Event
Event BeerBaron   February 10, 2016  
Over seven thousand people came together in Silverado, for a major music, comedy, wine and craft beer extravaganza. Synergy Global Entertainment (SGE), renowned...
From the Bridge at 2015 OC Brew Ha Ha
Event BeerBaron   September 22, 2015  
Clad in their best pretzel necklaces, the beer community came together for the sixth time for the annual OC Brew Ha Ha, at...
South County IPA
Beer BeerBaron   September 04, 2015  
Pizza Port Brewing, San Clemente was at capacity last night, as many beer enthusiasts from far and wide came to the little beach...
Taco and Beer at Sabroso Craft Taco Festival
Event BeerBaron   September 04, 2015  
Few foods can be paired with beer, besides burgers. Well, maybe pizza too. Oh, and there’s buffalo wings...and maybe bratwurst. Ok, a lot...
8 results - showing 1 - 8  
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